Promote Your Brand With Our Customized Wine Accessories

About Us

For over a decade, The Meritage Company has been locating the finest high-quality wine accessories from
manufacturers around the world, and making them available to our customers with uncompromisingly professional
service at the most affordable prices.

Particularly during these challenging economic times, we are sensitive to the reality of needing to control costs
and meet deadlines, yet we continue to believe that quality matters, particularly when your brand name is placed on
one of our products.  Accustomed to dealing with large transactions, we nonetheless try to be flexible and develop
the best possible terms and prices for smaller quantities.  Our long-standing relationship with international and
domestic manufacturers provides us with unmatched access to new products a they become available, and we are
constantly seeking out the newest and most unique offerings.

Located in the heart of the Napa-Sonoma wine country of northern California, we specialize in developing custom
artwork, designs and concepts for our clients, and take pride in helping to create brand-specific products meeeting
your specifications.  We closely oversee and monitor all manufacturing, shipping and transportation, maintaining
close communication withour clients so they are fully informed.

Among the various products we offer are wine openers and corkscrews, bottle stoppers and pourers, coasters, key
chains, wine charms, and other wine accessories that can be branded with your company logo.  We look forward to
working with you to develop flexible and unique solutions to your wholesale and promotional needs.